I’m trying to redirect some nervous energy into something useful.  I need to stop thinking about Little One’s surgery.

Well, useful may be pushing it.  I mean, yes, my son will need a garment to cover his body while he has surgery.  But the hospital does provide them free of charge.  And my house could use a scrubbing, laundry needs to be tackled, windows could be washed.  Just sayin’.

But this is me we are talking about.  I’d rather craft than have an immaculate house.  🙂

The pattern was create by Amy over at Habitual and modified by me-it was originally for a kimono top but I changed the shoulders to accommodate snaps for easy access to IV’s, etc.  I may not have even needed to do that but I like to try and make things as difficult as possible for myself.  That’s my MO.

I’ll be posting a small giveaway in the next few days so please stay tuned!

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