Fall In New England

Feels like I do one of these posts every year.  I took the kids apple picking yesterday (Columbus Day) and it was absolute insanity.  I guess everyone wanted to be out in the beautiful sunshine and fantastic photo ops.  Unfortunately, I was very uncomfortable due to some back problems I’ve been plagued with since my pregnancy with Little One.  I did get a couple of cute shots but none that I am crazy about.  (Of course, I’m crazy about the subjects!)

I’m working on the cursed Halloween costume for DD6…Wonder Woman.  I am dyeing a light pink leotard since red long sleeved leotards are apparently impossible to find locally.  The satin continues to be my nemesis.  I can hear it mocking me all the way from my crafting studio.  “Swish, swish…jusssssssst try and sssssssew white ssssatin ssssstarsssssss to my ssssilky sssssurface…”  Eff you, SATIN.

Next on deck…gold lame for the headpiece and belt.  This is quickly becoming Project: What the Hell Have I Gotten Myself Into? (Or Project: WTHHIGMIO)

Have you made a Facebook timeline yet for your profile?  It’s pretty cool-looks very streamlined and personalized.  If you haven’t yet, follow these steps to make your page pretty!  One thing to remember: only the friends who have also done this to their profiles will have a Timeline page visible to you.  In other words, Old Uncle Jack probably won’t have it.  Until it rolls out to the general public, that is.

In other news…..is anyone else dying for the release of iOS5?????

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