My Brownie troop is working on their Making Friends badge.


One of the things they are doing to earn this badge is meeting up with another local troop and trading Swap-Its. Swap-its are little handmade trinkets that the girls trade with each other, usually attached to a vest with a pin or to a wall hanging for display. My daughter loved hers last year from Camporee so much, she would take them out periodically, spreading them out on her bed and poring over each one.

Ours have a Halloween theme for this particular swap.


They are made of 2 cotton balls, a googly eye, a jewelry pouch, safety pin, and a printout that I created in PhotoShop and punched out with a square punch. If you want the printout, I’m happy to email you a PDF. (Without our troop #, obviously!)

What kind of swap-its does your troop do?

My Daisy Scout is “bridging” tomorrow…

Where did the past 2 years go?  DD7 has been a Daisy since Kindergarten, sometimes enthusiastically, sometimes reluctantly…

(Blurry cellphone pic taken during the freaking monsoon we camped in)

I made a few goodies to celebrate “bridging”, the ceremony celebrating the Daisies’ journey to becoming Brownies.

I punched the petals and created the wrap for the Lindt chocolate bag (on clearance for .32 each at Walgreen’s!) with Stampin’ Up card stock.

I’ll post measurements of the Lindt chocolate bag wraps if anyone is interested…

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