Project Life Freebie

Here is a 3×4 (horizontal) card for Project Life.  Download it here!

(My watermark will not show up in the downloaded version)

This is my first time linking up a digital freebie so forgive me if it’s not working at first.

Project Life

In 2011 my favorite local scrapbook store closed, effectively squashing any plans I had to scrap kid-free.  It was so lovely-I would go on a Friday night with a close friend of mine and we would eat dinner there, and socialize, and scrapbook for a few hours without worry about getting interrupted in the middle by a dirty diaper, a sibling tussle, or having to hang out with our husbands.

(Just kidding-I love hanging out with my husband)

In 2012 I am making a small weekly goal and a larger goal that doesn’t have a time limit.

I’m going to take one picture every day.  Sounds easy, right?  I normally do it anyway, with my iPhone.  With the other photo-capturing devices I own, I think it should be pretty easy.  (Nikon DSLR, Canon point-n-shoot, iMac…)

A few things I am allowing myself:

  • My photos don’t have to be beautiful.  Project Life albums are all about capturing the mundane, every day details about our lives.  It could be a pic of the car thermometer on a particularly cold morning.  Or a snapshot of the baby sleeping.  Or my daily cup of coffee.
  • My photos don’t have to be printed every week.  With the EXIF data in each picture, I don’t have to worry about dates since it’ll be saved and can be sorted with iPhoto.
  • I am allowed an off week here and there!  Those weeks I will use FB updates to remember what I was doing that week.
  • I will not make myself crazy or stressed out doing this.  It’s supposed to be fun!

I ordered the Clementine Project Life kit from Becky Higgins’ site.  I’m waiting on a few page inserts to arrive but other than that I am good to go!

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