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I’m giving away this bracelet (it’s better on wrists that aren’t freakishly small…seriously, it’s the only part of my body that’s too skinny!) to celebrate my new domain and making the blog official.  I just registered  Working on personalizing this blog and making it my own is going to be an ongoing project.

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My track record with frequent posting is not as I had hoped.

School started.  Karate, swim, gymnastics, Girl Scouts, and YMCA volunteering started.

Crafting took a back seat.

And at Little One’s 6 month appointment couple of things started to change for our family.

I had voiced my opinion on the lack of roundness of his skull at each well baby checkup.  Each checkup I was told to wait and see.  Not only was his head not round, he had a prominent ridge over his left eye.  His face has always showed a bit of asymmetry…one eye is a little higher than the other but nothing major.  At Little One’s 6 month appointment I finally took matters in my own hands and insisted on a referral to a specialist.  I made an appointment at Children’s Hospital, thinking we would be fitted for a cranial band, expecting to meet with the plastic surgeon and then Prosthetics.  Not so much.

We met with Dr. Meara, the Chief of Plastic Surgery at CHB and Dr. Proctor, a Neurosurgeon at CHB.  After meeting with me for a few minutes, Dr. Meara diagnosed Little One and right away, made me feel comfortable about the process.  It was a lot to take in and I left the appointment in a little bit of a blur.

Little One has Craniosynostosis.  In short, his skull fused together too soon, thus causing the ridge over his left eye and the asymmetry.  His case is not a major one, however the surgery is nothing to be taken lightly.  His head will be opened up, the skull will be sawed and put back together, and the recovery is not easy.  I have so many emotions swirling around in my head about this and luckily I have the support of many family members and friends to help him through this.  We are expecting the surgery to be in November.  I’ll update some details here but most of the in depth updates will go into his CarePage.  If you’d like access to it, please let me know.

So of course I had to tie in crafting somehow to this.  Check out what I made last night (Swarovski crystals and a metal frame):

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