Since moving to a new home two months ago, I’m still trying to figure out our decorating style.  I originally thought I’d go all country/primitive, since we moved into a colonial with these lovely onion light fixtures…


Photo courtesy of Norwell Lighting

…then I started delving into this whole genre and got overwhelmed by tin, stars, and tea- and coffee-stained shit.  (I’m tea- and coffee-stained by accident every day.  You mean to tell me people do this on purpose?  As decoration?)  Totally not me, even if I tried.  So I decided to do something somewhat generic–good for any sort of decor, appropriate for Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Bonus:  it smells like cinnamon.

(sorry for the blurry quality…it was cooooooold this morning in New Hampshire!)



I used a green wire wreath form, Deco Mesh, two varieties of burlap wired ribbon, a garland of berries, hot glue, and some cinnamon-scented pinecones.  What are you decorating your front door with?


Disclaimer:  this post contains affiliate links to Amazon.  Click through them and purchase and I might make be able to make it rain.  Well, hail.  Pennies.


For a crafty bitch like myself, I sure have fallen off the crafting wagon this year in terms of gifts.  Amazon is my best friend, as evidenced by the harried UPS delivery men that grace my door every day, sometimes twice.  This is one of only a few projects I have created.  I bought all the supplies at A.C. Moore and made them last night while the kids ate dinner.

The whole project cost less than 20 bucks and will end of making about 6 bars of soap.  I bought goats milk soap, shimmer powder, molds, and stamps.  From my stash at home, I used lemon sage essential oils to scent it and food coloring for color.

So behind!

I am scrambling, as usual, to finish Christmas shopping.  I did make a few photo gifts…check out what I made for my grandmother…

Reusable Shopping Bag
View the entire collection of cards.

It says “We love you, Grandma B!”

What are you doing for last minute gifts?

Merry Christmas!

I’m almost done with my Christmas card mailing…I have about 2 dozen left to make.  Here is the design for this year:


I am happy with how they turned out but it’s been hard to get them all mailed out!  Little One is better since we stopped trying to sleep train him.  Everyone is much happier and I’m not forcing the issue for a while..

Crafting has taken a back seat…

…due to the fact that my Little One has decided he would like to attempt to crawl back into the womb.  Seriously, he’s been so freakin’ clingy I can’t get anything done.  Thank God for my mom or we would not have a stitch of clean laundry or a scrap of food other than “fruit chewies” and string cheese.  I hear it’s normal for kids to get separation anxiety after a surgery and being 10 months old, Little One is certainly at the age for it anyway.  But it’s making me mental and not being able to have my creative outlet is putting a damper on my spirits.

Anyway, here is a tiny little bit of craftiness…I bought these cheapie mugs with spoons for Christmas morning hot cocoa.  Recently heard about the Sharpie oil-based paint pens and thought I’d give it a whirl.

What do you do when you can’t be crafty?

Start Xmas shopping and earn money!

I have started my Xmas shopping-mostly online so far.  I use Ebates, which in the past 5 years had paid me 297.91.  If you haven’t used it before, here’s how it works:

1.  Sign up at

2.  Search for the site you wish to shop at (TONS of stores, including GAP, Target, Nordstrom…)

3.  Click through the link provided (don’t forget to search for coupon codes before hand!)

4.  Get a percentage back of your total purchase.

Enjoy a nice fat Paypal payment each quarter!


Use my referral link…or don’t…whatever.  Just save yourself some money, wouldja?



Fun new yarn

Discovered a new yarn this weekend…premier Yarn’s Starbella. Knits up quickly and looks complicated. I bought 2 skeins yesterday and knit up 2 scarves already for Xmas gifts. Can’t post pics, since they are for people who may read this!


Looking for more recommendations for quick projects like this for gifts…

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