Finding my Place…

Since I seem to be losing stuff all over the place lately (my car keys, my kids’ permission slips…my mind, etc.), it should only ring true for my knitting paraphernalia.  I think the only reason I haven’t lost my knitting bag is because I only see the poor thing once or twice a week.

For some reason, the notions…they just don’t want to stay with me.  Snippers, tapestry needles, stitch markers…all fleeing my bag like it’s the apocalypse up in there.   I decided enough was enough and instead of buying a new pack of stitch markers for about 3 bucks, I’d spend about 40 on beading materials and make my own.  (I never claimed to have common sense.  Just roll with it.)

So last night during the Globes, I made these:




IMG_7261Pretty, right?  Except now I have way more than I need.  Anyone want to buy some stitch markers?  I’m thinking I need a latte per each set of 6.  Four bucks?



Since moving to a new home two months ago, I’m still trying to figure out our decorating style.  I originally thought I’d go all country/primitive, since we moved into a colonial with these lovely onion light fixtures…


Photo courtesy of Norwell Lighting

…then I started delving into this whole genre and got overwhelmed by tin, stars, and tea- and coffee-stained shit.  (I’m tea- and coffee-stained by accident every day.  You mean to tell me people do this on purpose?  As decoration?)  Totally not me, even if I tried.  So I decided to do something somewhat generic–good for any sort of decor, appropriate for Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Bonus:  it smells like cinnamon.

(sorry for the blurry quality…it was cooooooold this morning in New Hampshire!)



I used a green wire wreath form, Deco Mesh, two varieties of burlap wired ribbon, a garland of berries, hot glue, and some cinnamon-scented pinecones.  What are you decorating your front door with?


Disclaimer:  this post contains affiliate links to Amazon.  Click through them and purchase and I might make be able to make it rain.  Well, hail.  Pennies.


I finished a pair of socks the other night. (Will wonders never cease?


They are a lovely mix of browns and tans. Almost like a decadent caramel mocha way-too-many-calorie-laden drink from Starbucks. I’m not in love with the finished product, but it’s 100% due to my shortcomings in the sock-making department. Things I need to remember for next time:

  • Top down sucks. Toe-up, all the way.
  • Too-big is better than too-small.
  • Two at a time knitting is fiddly. But it helps me avoid the dreaded One Sock Syndrome.
  • Measure twice, knit once. Or rather, knit a sock that will fit an adult.

I loved the yarn I used. A self striping yarn from Twill, my new favorite store!



Another new gadget…

Remember the friendship bracelets every tween and teen girl ever has made at one point in their pre-angst years?  I’m buried in them right now, my kids are rocking at least 3 each (except for the baby), and I’ve made a few as gifts.

A few days ago, I made an impulse crafting purchase.  (I know, you’re thinking…”SHOCKER”)

The LoopDeDoo was just hanging out on an end cap with some other brightly colored objects and I walked by and thought “oooo…shiny”.  It retails for $34.99 but, really, who ever pays full price at AC Moore?  I had a 50% off coupon and $10.00 in AC Moore Rewards, so it cost me $7.99.  Not bad.  It includes 18 skeins of thread, enough to make (according to the package) 14 bracelets.  The thread was fairly nice.  None of it ever broke and it only frayed once.  I’ll bet using DMC thread would make it a little nicer, though.

I watched the YouTube videos and taught myself to use the LoopDeDoo.  There isn’t much to it, just a platform, two hooks, and a crank.  The genius part it the little notch where you can place thread you’re not currently twisting and it keeps it out of the way while you’re working on the other parts.  You’d have to see it to know what I mean.

There’s also a storage drawer, but I don’t think the creators of this thought it through when making it small enough to hold about 10 skeins of thread.  I mean, don’t they know there are craft hoarders out there who own about 75 skeins of embroidery floss?

So my mom was over the other night and I cranked out about a dozen of these while chatting at the dining room table.  Last night I couldn’t sleep so I made some more, only I started to get creative with beads, charms, etc.  Ideally I’d like to incorporate a metal clasp but I’m not sure how I want to do it.  I guess I have a look in my head and I’m not sure how to translate it into the bracelet.  I Googled a bunch of terms relating to the LoopDeDoo but there is a surprising lack of information or photos of projects on the Web.  Maybe it’s a new product?  Have you seen it or used it?

**Disclaimer:  I purchased this product, LoopDeDoo has no idea who I am or why I would should be paid for being awesome at crafting but if they want to give me free stuff, I’m all about it!**

Chore Jar

Another modified Pinterest idea  here…the inspiration was from Make and Takes.

I used Mason jars, scrapbook paper, crafting popsicle sticks, and a couple of graphics from Lettering Delights.

The week starts off with all sticks in the jar.  There are several of each stick, the blue ones are my daughter’s and the orange ones are my son’s.As each chore is completed, the stick gets moved over to the “done” jar.
Each chore completed earns the kid a cool quarter.


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