Thirty-One Sewing

I’m dusting off my sewing machine and working on a skirt for my new purse.


I just recently hosted a Thirty-One Gifts party and was lucky enough to have $100.00 to spend on stuff for myself.  I knocked a few gifts off my Christmas List and bought some stuff I didn’t really need for myself.  (This is one of those times I’m pleased my husband does not indulge in reading blogs).  The skirt purse is basically a simple black (or brown, your choice) purse with a very basic shape.  The premise is that you can change your look fairly often by simply sliding a cover over the bag.  So I’m doing just that.  Sewing a skirt for my new purse.  My Google-fu needed not be that advanced and it was pretty easy to find this lovely lady who posted a free tutorial.  I am itching for my order to come in and make one or more!  I’ve seen a bunch for sale on Etsy and my wheels are turning…

What are you sewing these days?

Oh Target, how I love you…

A Target placemat (on clearance…holla!) became a linen clutch for my vacation!



My mom bought me a copy of Sewing Clothes Kids Love for my birthday a few months ago and I’ve just now gotten around to making something from it.










Now there are definitely some drawbacks to sewing with knits.  The sleeves were too short if I placed the pattern correctly on the grain so I had to turn them perpendicular to the grain and then hemming the sleeves got all wonky.  The pattern is very versatile-can be made long- or short-sleeved, layered look, pieced bodice or a simple bodice, hoodie or crew neck, and a very simple sleeve.  (I hate set-in sleeves).  I went to my favorite consignment store today and picked up a bunch of patterned long sleeve shirts and will be reconstructing them into Imkes for my DD.  Hope that she likes them!  There is a Flickr Group dedicated just to this book…check it out here.


I’m trying to redirect some nervous energy into something useful.  I need to stop thinking about Little One’s surgery.

Well, useful may be pushing it.  I mean, yes, my son will need a garment to cover his body while he has surgery.  But the hospital does provide them free of charge.  And my house could use a scrubbing, laundry needs to be tackled, windows could be washed.  Just sayin’.

But this is me we are talking about.  I’d rather craft than have an immaculate house.  🙂

The pattern was create by Amy over at Habitual and modified by me-it was originally for a kimono top but I changed the shoulders to accommodate snaps for easy access to IV’s, etc.  I may not have even needed to do that but I like to try and make things as difficult as possible for myself.  That’s my MO.

I’ll be posting a small giveaway in the next few days so please stay tuned!

Birthday pillows

This was an easy project-just 16″ pillow forms, 17″ squares of fabric, freezer paper, and textile paint.  Voila!  Three reminders of the best days of my life.

Fabric shopping

One of my favorite things to do while fabric shopping (to appease the little ones) is to have them scour the store for a fun fabric for me to make PJ’s out of.  I always get a coordinating T-shirt and make some sort of appliqué.   Depending on the season, the PJ’s are shorts or pants, sometimes cotton, sometimes flannel, sometimes fleece.

Here was yesterday’s project:

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