Cookie Swaps

I have a love/hate relationship with cookie swaps. In my head, I’m all Martha Stewart-y, creating beautiful recipe cards for each recipient of the batches I’ve painstakingly crafted and placed lovingly into handmade boxes with printed tissue paper.

In reality, I’m slapping together a recipe I’ve only minutes-before Googled and throwing the cookies into Ziploc bags while they’re still warm and pliable and I end up with a misshapen mess.

(Still delicious with coffee, though!)


This year I was somewhere in the middle. I did bake a batch of Caramel Stuffed Sugar Cookies from My Kitchen Addiction for a girls’ night last week.  They were delicious.

I am currently waiting on some logs of cookie dough to chill before I slice into them. I used a recipe from Smitten Kitchen and I’m anxious to see how they turn out.

The recipe is here. The first batch I made will be plain sugar cookies and will be dipped into melted chocolate after being baked. The second batch has chopped dried cherries mixed in and the logs are rolled in sliced almonds. I’ll let you know how they came out!

Please share some of your recipes here…

Angry Birds, Level One

I am patting my self on the back while simultaneously kicking myself.  Go ahead and picture that.  I’ll wait.

Patting myself on the back because I had enough foresight to purchase the supplies and practice the damn Angry Birds cookie pops.  Kicking myself for taking on another overwhelming project.  Really, at this point I should buy the domain because that’s where this seems to be headed.

Wilton Cookie icing is not good if you want icing that stays put.  It’s icing that is meant to “flood”.  and that’s exactly what it did.  Flooded all over my perfectly dipped cookie.  The kids weren’t too upset about the mistake.  They ate them.  I’m going to try to use one white wafer for the red bird ‘s belly for my next attempt.  Stay tuned for cupcakes for DS4’s school party next week (I am using this lovely lady’s tutorial!)

Red Angry Bird Ingredients:

*Pre icing flood...

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