Birthday pillows

This was an easy project-just 16″ pillow forms, 17″ squares of fabric, freezer paper, and textile paint.  Voila!  Three reminders of the best days of my life.


LO is being christened on Sunday.  I made one of the godparents’ gifts and bought the other.  Guess which one was more fun?

I purchased these since LO’s godfather is a scotch drinker…and then I etched the glass tumblers with Armour Etch.

Armour Etch


They say “godfather” and I’m happy with how they turned out!  I hope he likes them!

The other thing I made is for LO to wear at the BBQ afterward.  I can’t take credit for the original idea but I did make it myself with my Cricut, freezer paper, and fabric paint.

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