Breaking up (With Blogger) is hard to do…

I used to be in love with Blogger.  I really was.  My blog posts were easy to edit and adding widgets, etc was so simple.  It was comfortable and easy.

Then things got wonky and posts were not going up in a timely fashion or at all in some cases.  I got fed up (as many others did) and moved over to WordPress.  Now I miss the familiarity of the quick posting with Blogger.  I miss being able to post fellow bloggers’ badges and links on my own blog.  I miss messing around with photos and not having it take me three hours to do one blog post (ok, that’s an exaggeration).

It’s akin to the way one might miss the ease of donning yoga pants all day long around someone you know well (even though you know you really should be making more of an effort).  I’m going to borrow WordPress for Dummies from the library and make this new relationship work!

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