The owl sweater is finished!  I love the way it came out.  Wouldn’t change a thing, although I sort of wish there was less of ME in the sweater…

I’ll try to post full length photos on my Ravelry page at some point but you can check out the owl detail:

IMG_7271I’m hoping to find the perfect buttons for it.  Dark wood, about a 1/4 inch in diameter…and 22 of them.

The yarn color looked so very different in each photo that I took.  The actual color is this:

Berroco Vintage Chunky in Lilacs


The pattern was very well-written and I tried out a new knitting app for the first time.  It’s called KnitCompanion and the beauty of it is that you can customize it to your needs.  You can use up to 4 counters at a time so you can do all the rows in your pattern with one counter, then keep track of the repeats with another counter.  You can add in notes, highlight (helpful for patterns with multiple sizes), and I know there are more capabilities that I haven’t even used yet.  It’s 15.99 at the iTunes store but if you don’t want to spring for it, you can buy a 2 week usage for .99 or a 3 month usage for 4.99.  The free version will let you use it in a limited capacity.  After using it for this sweater, i think I’ll be purchasing the full “forever” version.


So…what are you knitting right now?




**Disclaimer: I was not paid to review KnitCompanion.  If they want to gift me the full version of the app I would be forever grateful.  


I’ve made a bunch of things since the summertime and have now just gotten around to taking good photos.

The Clapotis…made while I was in the hospital with my son.

DSC_0038 DSC_0035DSC_0034The Gina



Stephen West’s Boneyard Shawl


DSC_0032And lastly, the Hitchhiker

DSC_0043Currently, I’m working on a Pumpkin Pie with some gorgeous Malabrigo yarn…more pictures to come…


What are you knitting?


The Yarn-eating, Xray-protection, 200-dollar, repetitive-motion-injury Blanket…

I started something very ambitious.

Try not to roll your eyes.

This gorgeous Blackberry Salad blanket has been in my Ravelry queue for ever but I never took it on because of the sheer amount of yarn I would need.  It’s pretty, no?

Photo courtesy of MooglyBlog.com

I started it about 2 weeks ago and it’s very slow going.  And it’s using a metric shit ton of yarn.  Chunky yarn.  Eight-dollars-a-skein yarn.


And this mofo is heavy.  We’re talking dentist-office-when-you’re-getting-an-xray heavy.  And hot.  So very hot.  But it will be great at our cottage in the winter.  Which is good because that’s probably how long it will take me to make it.  Hopefully by Thanksgiving of this year…



I’ve been crocheting a lot late at night lately…and giving away FO’s before I’ve photographed them. So you’ll just have to take my word for it.

I’m learning that gauge swatching is tantamount to success in a garment. I crocheted a really cute cardigan in about 3 nights (a super quick pattern that is actually very enjoyable despite the repetitive stitches) and even though I knew it was going to be too small, I soldiered on. I don’t know if maybe I thought my bone structure was going to shrink in a matter of days down to an XS or maybe I’d get infected with a parasite that would cause 30 pounds to melt off my body and allow me to fit into this sweater. But I went on to almost finish it and then admitted defeat.


Now I am coming to my senses and slowly frogging the damn thing and creating another top. Its more my speed; a measure-as-you-go type pattern. And I still haven’t done a gauge swatch.

Has anyone local been to the Yarn and Fiber Company in Derry? I’m hoping to check it out this weekend, an it’s the closest LYS to me since the shop in Nashua closed. I also want to go to a LYS in North Conway during our annual weekend trip in September. Any recommendations? Looks like Close Knit Sisters is right near where we’ll be staying…

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