I’ve made a bunch of things since the summertime and have now just gotten around to taking good photos.

The Clapotis…made while I was in the hospital with my son.

DSC_0038 DSC_0035DSC_0034The Gina



Stephen West’s Boneyard Shawl


DSC_0032And lastly, the Hitchhiker

DSC_0043Currently, I’m working on a Pumpkin Pie with some gorgeous Malabrigo yarn…more pictures to come…


What are you knitting?


Yarn Dyeing…

Last month I thought it would be fun to try my hand at dyeing my own yarn.  I perused many a site about dyes, fixatives, etc and then stumbled upon this little gem.   A whole website dedicated to dyeing yarn with food coloring!  And free, to boot.  The site discusses using everything from the McCormick food coloring you can buy at your local grocery store, to the Wilton gel dyes you can purchase at a craft store.  They provide photos of every color and type of dye in adorable mini hanks like this:

image courtesy of

So using their directions on incorporating the Wilton gel icing dyes, I started my little project (which, surprisingly, did not make a huge mess or cost a whole bunch of money).


I started with a superwash yarn, and also did a 100% wool yarn:


Wound it into a hank:

IMG_5196Tied it off:

IMG_5197And laid it out, painted the dye on, and let it sit.  I microwaved it for a bit to set the dye and wrapped it with Glad Press n Seal.

IMG_5200 IMG_5201

And unfortunately I have not created a swatch or knitted anything yet so you’ll have to wait to see the result!






The Yarn-eating, Xray-protection, 200-dollar, repetitive-motion-injury Blanket…

I started something very ambitious.

Try not to roll your eyes.

This gorgeous Blackberry Salad blanket has been in my Ravelry queue for ever but I never took it on because of the sheer amount of yarn I would need.  It’s pretty, no?

Photo courtesy of

I started it about 2 weeks ago and it’s very slow going.  And it’s using a metric shit ton of yarn.  Chunky yarn.  Eight-dollars-a-skein yarn.


And this mofo is heavy.  We’re talking dentist-office-when-you’re-getting-an-xray heavy.  And hot.  So very hot.  But it will be great at our cottage in the winter.  Which is good because that’s probably how long it will take me to make it.  Hopefully by Thanksgiving of this year…



I finished a pair of socks the other night. (Will wonders never cease?


They are a lovely mix of browns and tans. Almost like a decadent caramel mocha way-too-many-calorie-laden drink from Starbucks. I’m not in love with the finished product, but it’s 100% due to my shortcomings in the sock-making department. Things I need to remember for next time:

  • Top down sucks. Toe-up, all the way.
  • Too-big is better than too-small.
  • Two at a time knitting is fiddly. But it helps me avoid the dreaded One Sock Syndrome.
  • Measure twice, knit once. Or rather, knit a sock that will fit an adult.

I loved the yarn I used. A self striping yarn from Twill, my new favorite store!



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