Teacher Appreciation…


Last week was not one of my better weeks.  I was all, “Teacher Appreciation Week is WHEN?”  As much as I love each of my kids’ teachers,  it had completely slipped my mind.  I could have gone the gift-card route but of course, that wasn’t going to do.  I have this insatiable need to make things more difficult than they need to be.  Plus, the teachers deserve something made from the heart, no?

After moving to a new town and school system I realized my laziness could be redefined as working smarter as opposed to working harder.  I recycled last year’s ideas for teacher gifts.  I made the acrylic clipboards with vinyl lettering (thanks to my Cricut).  I also slapped some vinyl onto some drink tumblers.  They aren’t anything fancy but the teachers really seem to dig them.







I gave the kids blank cards and stickers and let them go to town.  Oh, and I had chocolate left over from DD9’s birthday party so I made some pops.  Done and DONE.


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