As it turns out, I was prematurely mourning my dear Nikon D40.  It was actually my lens that shit the bed.  Instead of replacing the kit lens, I bought a refurb 55-200mm lens and I LOVE it!  Adorama.com had great customer service, the lens arrived fairly quickly, and was packaged very well.  No complaints there!

Image courtesy of Adorama

Image courtesy of Adorama

So happy 11th anniversary to me!!  (Yes, it will be ELEVEN years in a couple of weeks.  How did I get so lucky?  No idea.)

A cropped pic I took, using the "auto" setting.  Not bad!!

A cropped pic I took, using the “auto” setting. Not bad!!


Check out my handsome hubby and my firstborn!


As we grow a little older together, we are working on our health.  No, mid-thirties are not old, per se.  But there is the undeniable fact that things are not in places they used to be…and we’re taking longer to recover from silly things like big drinking/eating weekends, Easter candy, etc…

Enter the documentary that made us perk up our ears and take notice:  Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.   It’s pretty popular right now, as is juicing, so I’m sure we’re jumping on some bandwagon or other.  But if it makes us healthy, I am all about it.  So we purchased a juicer, it arrived last week, and we’ve juiced our way through many pounds of produce already.  I’m not going all out yet (total juice fast), rather I’m sampling recipes here and there.  I’ve decided I despise Mean Green.

Do you have any juice recipes I can try that don’t involve celery?


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