Creating Text in a Curve with Cricut Craft Room

I’ve been a Cricut owner for a few years now and like all my crafts, the machine gets used in fits and starts, depending on what I’m into at the moment.

Cricut Expression

Recently, I started using iron on vinyl in the Cricut along with Cricut Craft Room to make T-shirts for my Girl Scout troop’s camping trip.  It was finicky but once I got the hang of what I was doing (and a detailed walkthrough from the fine folks at ilovetocreate) it was fairly easy to bang out 18 of them.

Tulip brand Iron on Glitter Transfer Sheets

Tulip brand Iron on Glitter Transfer Sheets

I started using Cricut Craft Room about a year ago and just yesterday I was finally able to link my Gypsy to it, which made my life about a thousand times easier.  I have about 30 cartridges so I wasn’t about to go through the whole linking process again.  And my Jukebox is covered in dust somewhere in the nether regions of my craft studio…

Cricut Jukebox…allows one to cut without changing cartridges within the machine

The only thing left on my Cricut wishlist is to be able to create text in an arc or in a circle.  There is a workaround I have done and I’ll share the steps with you below.


I wanted to make a car decal (yes, I’m turning into THAT mom…crazy stick figures may be next, watch out!) with my eldest’s name and a karate figure on it.  These things cost like 10-15 bucks and I figured I could make it for less than $2.50 with a sheet of 12×12 white vinyl.

1.Open up Cricut Craft Room

2.Select the cartridge you’ll be using.  (I used Plantin Schoolbook)

3.Create a large circle.  Size doesnt matter (snort), since you’ll be deleting it after the letters are placed.

4.Place the letters (do NOT use the “Add text” feature.  Click on the letters in the keypad below the screen) on the screen in the size you want.  You’ll be moving them individually.  Rotate each letter so it is perpendicular to the circle’s outline.  After each letter is placed and rotated, SAVE YOUR WORK.

5.Delete the circle.

6.Add your figure (I used the flying side kick figure from Sports Mania, and added a little paisley from Home Accents to make a ponytail), and the name on the bottom in a straight line.

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 7.14.10 PM copy

7.Group your images and re-size them to the dimensions you like.

8.  Save and CUT!

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