Thirty-One Sewing

I’m dusting off my sewing machine and working on a skirt for my new purse.


I just recently hosted a Thirty-One Gifts party and was lucky enough to have $100.00 to spend on stuff for myself.  I knocked a few gifts off my Christmas List and bought some stuff I didn’t really need for myself.  (This is one of those times I’m pleased my husband does not indulge in reading blogs).  The skirt purse is basically a simple black (or brown, your choice) purse with a very basic shape.  The premise is that you can change your look fairly often by simply sliding a cover over the bag.  So I’m doing just that.  Sewing a skirt for my new purse.  My Google-fu needed not be that advanced and it was pretty easy to find this lovely lady who posted a free tutorial.  I am itching for my order to come in and make one or more!  I’ve seen a bunch for sale on Etsy and my wheels are turning…

What are you sewing these days?

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