The Yarn-eating, Xray-protection, 200-dollar, repetitive-motion-injury Blanket…

I started something very ambitious.

Try not to roll your eyes.

This gorgeous Blackberry Salad blanket has been in my Ravelry queue for ever but I never took it on because of the sheer amount of yarn I would need.  It’s pretty, no?

Photo courtesy of

I started it about 2 weeks ago and it’s very slow going.  And it’s using a metric shit ton of yarn.  Chunky yarn.  Eight-dollars-a-skein yarn.


And this mofo is heavy.  We’re talking dentist-office-when-you’re-getting-an-xray heavy.  And hot.  So very hot.  But it will be great at our cottage in the winter.  Which is good because that’s probably how long it will take me to make it.  Hopefully by Thanksgiving of this year…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tamara - Moogly
    Apr 07, 2013 @ 20:45:13

    Chunky yarn? Holy cow, I bet it’s heavy! I’ve made them in afghan size before, and yeah, by the end you’re heaving and hauling, lol. Great winter project though! 😀 I hope you enjoy yourself – and take lots of breaks!


  2. thiscraftygirl
    Apr 09, 2013 @ 17:05:53

    I love how it really looks like little blackberries! Thank you for the free pattern!


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