Fall is here…

This truly is a wonderful time of year. Leaves are crunchy, nights are chilly, and pumpkin flavored everything abounds! I’m loving the sweater weather and the inaugural wearing of my beloved Uggs.


I’m in a serious style rut though. I need a makeover. I need to not look like a tired mom of three. But I need to be practical. I don’t have time for crazy makeup in the morning. Basically if it can’t be applied in my car at kindergarten drop off, I’m not doing it. If my outfit can’t be washed in the machine, I won’t buy it. I am low maintenance, I like comfy clothes, and easy style.


I adore Athleta clothing but I feel like a huge imposter when I wear them. I mean, I don’t do yoga, I don’t run, and aside from Zumba, I HATE exercising. Don’t get me wrong, I want to like those things. But I can think of about 14 things I’d rather do than run.


Any suggestions?


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