Well, it was non-existent for a while.  After bouts of the stomach flu and pneumonia (me), and various ear infections and colds (the husband and kids), there was no time for anything extra.  I was just fighting to get through each day.  Lately I have been sort of creative with a few different media.

Here is a vinyl creation I made with my Cricut for my daughter’s karate studio grand opening:

This is a cake I made for her 7th birthday party:

I used a cake mix and pre-made buttercream frosting (the horror!) and used these molds to make the white chocolate accents.  The party theme was Wii and Ninja.  I have no idea how I managed to tie them together.  The ninja images were all from Lettering Delights.  They are a fantastic site if you need clipart, SVG files, fonts, printables, etc.  It’s addictive, so watch out! I’m an affiliate here so click below and get some freebies and we both win. Or if you want, just go visit

Lastly, I’ve been into nail art after discovering a couple of very talented bloggers (seriously, go check this girl out-she’s amazing).  Mostly I use my seven-year-old as a Guinea pig.  I seem to change up my polish every few days since I am once-again plagued with insomnia.

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