Crafting has taken a back seat…

…due to the fact that my Little One has decided he would like to attempt to crawl back into the womb.  Seriously, he’s been so freakin’ clingy I can’t get anything done.  Thank God for my mom or we would not have a stitch of clean laundry or a scrap of food other than “fruit chewies” and string cheese.  I hear it’s normal for kids to get separation anxiety after a surgery and being 10 months old, Little One is certainly at the age for it anyway.  But it’s making me mental and not being able to have my creative outlet is putting a damper on my spirits.

Anyway, here is a tiny little bit of craftiness…I bought these cheapie mugs with spoons for Christmas morning hot cocoa.  Recently heard about the Sharpie oil-based paint pens and thought I’d give it a whirl.

What do you do when you can’t be crafty?


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