Two projects…

These are 2 projects that have been languishing in the studio for a while.  Just couldn’t get my self together enough to finish them.  They stared me in the eye and mocked me every day so last night I tackled them, along with sewing on patches to karate uniforms and Girl Scout vests, and making throw pillows for the basement playroom.

This was a Stampin’ Up! project I did during a Sunday Crafternoon in August.  I made 12 inserts to go inside it and I also have a couple of pictures to put in there as well.

This is what I ended up doing with the crystal awareness ribbon I made last week.  Stupid thing is way too big for my wrist and the ribbon is heavy and pulls the bracelet down so it’s always facing the floor.  Stupid gravity.

Next projects will be an infant hospital johnny and custom Baby Legs for the Little One and a pair of Thai fisherman wrap pants for me…


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