Welcome to my new blog! I hope you’ll visit often and even go so far as to subscribe to my little corner of the web. I’ll share my life as a a stay at home mom of three, my various crafts, some product reviews, and other miscellaneous stuff that swirls around in my head.

A little about me…

I overuse ellipses…

I live in southern NH with my DH, whom I’ve been lucky enough to have in my life for the last 14 years. He’s truly my other half. Perfect example: we went away last weekend and he knows me so well, he packed pajama pants for me knowing full well it’s the one thing I always, ALWAYS forget to pack. He’s awesome like that. I could go on, but you get the point. Anyway, this blog isn’t about him. 🙂

DD6 is my firecracker. She’s all about Legos, martial arts, baseball caps, and Disney’s Cars and Cars 2. It’s obvious she is not a girlie-girl. I may be the only parent on earth who was disappointed I would not be shelling out a cool Benjamin at WDW’s Bibbidi Bobbidi  Boutique to makeover my girl into a fairytale princess.

DS4 is my sensitive one. He cries easily, expresses joy exuberantly, and is the best snuggle bug ever. His interests are basically the same as DD’s, swapping out martial arts for gymnastics. Oh, and he could donate 75% of his eyelashes and still have more than a Maybelline model.

Little One (LO) is 5 months old and has completely thrown me for a loop. He’s got the traits of both of the other kids. He is snuggly but stubborn, vocal and smiley, good natured and of course, the cutest thing ever. He is still not sleeping through night and if one more stranger asks me this very question, s/he will be on the receiving end of a throat punch. Kthanxbai.

I am also a mom to two lovable but crazy pugs. Lola (on the right) is 9 and just as energetic as she was the day we brought her home as a puppy. Sallie (on the left) is 8 and was a rescue. We got her about 7 years ago…she had a terrible first year with an owner who beat her and the emotional scars show through every day, even now.


More to come later…thanks for stopping by!


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